The Smartest Way to Shorten Your MSP Sales Cycle

Does your Managed Service Provider’s sales cycle always feel like it takes way too long? Do your reps come to sales meetings with a whole heap of “closing this week” deals, but none of them actually happen?

Often, this is because deals get stuck in the contracting and negotiation phase. Inconsistent contracts, messy proposals and unclear pricing can change a deal from a “100% banker” to stuck in sales purgatory.

ZenContract was built to fix this exact problem. We help MSPs keep up with the times by creating a digitally centralised place where clients can view, discuss, edit and sign contracts quicker than ever before.

Negotiating contracts doesn’t have to be difficult

For you and your customer, getting a proposal to a finalised contract should be quick, simple, and completely seamless. With ZenContract, onboarding new clients is a much simpler experience.

How many times has your business reached the perfect deal, only to find your valuable sales team labouring away by stacks of paperwork and digging through multiple email threads in search of the truth?

With ZenContract, everything is unified. From proposing to inking the deal, we’ve got it all streamlined and centralised to one location. When a proposal or a contract is sent, we send your customer an email invite.

From there, they can select the right pricing option, view essential documents and of course, sign your contract – all auditable and templated so you can be confident your processes are consistent.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Establishing new practices can be daunting. We’ve created three easy to use templates that should fit your MSP straight out the box – so instead of labouring over writing contracts, you can start using them straight out the gate.

When you sign up for a trial with ZenContract, you will be able to use three foundational templates:

1. Managed Services Agreement

The Managed Services Agreement is the foundation of a consistent, effective contracting process. Without this, you’re floating in a sea of paperwork and email trails, always trying to predict what clients need but never quite knowing what you agreed to charge for.

Our manage services agreement clearly outlines the services the MSP provides for the client. It covers both parties’ needs in a clear and concise way that covers the conditions of agreement in detail that include confidentiality, covered services, definition of services, limitation of liability, coverage hours, support and escalation procedures, exclusions and more.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a useful tool to speed up discovery – it enables you to get your tech team into prospects’ systems faster, so you can build an accurate, bespoke proposal.

This allows negotiating parties to enter into discussions and safely share information with one another.

3. Letter of Engagement

The Letter of Engagement sets up how you and your clients work together, above the level of the Managed Services Agreement. It’s the cornerstone of your relationship.

It serves to describe the expected service, terms and conditions, and other essential information. The Letter of Engagement is where you commit your sales pitch to paper, so you can get into delivering work.

Make sure your team moves in the same direction by gifting them the best guide.

Greg Sharp, ZenContract’s founder, has built one of New Zealand’s most successful Managed Services Providers. He knows that MSP cycles can be unpredictable – even more so without a tool to make proposals and contracting consistent and efficient.

Salespeople exist for a reason — to sell — so we’ve built ZenContract in a way that enables them to do more selling and less admin.

Not only does ZenContract takes the pain out of manually drafting contracts, it’s also shortened MSP sales cycles by a whopping 40%.

40% — that’s a lot of time freed up.

Imagine what your sales team could accomplish if you gave them two extra days a week to go and sell.

Sign up for a free trial of ZenContract now.