Sprint 0 Release Notes

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ID 47

Edited Prompt name does not update in document


We simplified or disabled prompt editing functions due to multiple errors

ID 428

Onboarding Wizard continues to show on sign in after it is completed


The Onboarding Wizard is no longer visable once it is completed

ID 434

Connectwise integration form update does not persist


Allow users to update and save new Connectwise integration credentials

ID 296

Connectwise contact search


Improvements to the contact search form for Connectwsie integrated users

ID 329

Error opening TextControl in the ControlZ Organization


Error when creating a user or customer prompt that has the same name as a system  prompt

ID 61

Edit Section Details


Updates to the Section Details form did not persist

ID 301

Prompts Delete button

User Story

Prompts can now be deleted

ID 74

Base 2 Contracted Revenue Dashboard Data

User Story

Contracted revenue data is now more accurate for organizations with a large number of  contracts