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Put the Zen into your MSP contracts and pricing

Cloud Based Contract and

Proposal Management System

Zen Contract enables business owners, marketing teams and sales people to be more efficient through cloud delivered templated contracts and proposals

Custom Templates
and Sections

Allowing you to be the design team.

Risk Free Proposals

Ensuring the T's & C's are locked, up to date and completely version controlled across the entire legislative landscape.

Digital Signature

Validating document integrity by public key encryption of the sender’s identity.

Autotask Integration

Autotask dual opportunity sync, a powerful new integration to go with product, pricing, customer and contact data.


Coming soon.

How it works

  1. Choose a template and enter client details

  2. Add sections for product and pricing

  3. Review the document and send via email

  4. Receive notifications when the document is opened and viewed

  5. Once approved, client signs on glass

  6. Contract details saved securely

  7. Details are synced with Autotask


Key Features

  • Cloud Based

  • Sign on Glass

  • Template Documents

  • Secure Platform

  • Autotask Integration


Efficient and Collaborative

  • Produce professional looking documents in significantly reduced time

  • No more scattered paper and double handling

  • No more offline manipulation of Word and PDF documents

  • Eliminate double entry of information in Autotask

  • Eliminate that filing cabinet of signed, paper documents

  • Internal  teams can easily work on the same version of a document


Visibility and Compliance

  • Ensure latest versions of sales documents are used – “brand compliance”

  • Ensure latest versions of legal wording is used – “legal compliance”

  • Ensure everything is approved and signed off before work starts – sign on glass

  • Ensure internal pricing approval sign-off is obtained before it goes to the client

  • Sales managers have full visibility to see their team members document status and statistics


Easy to use and easy to manage

User friendly interface allows you to gain visibility of where everything is at, maintain control of your branding and ensure compliance.


Meet The Team


Gareth Beesley

Chief Zen Whisperer



Ian Baker

Knowledge and Wisdom Guru

Certified Autotask Implementation Partner


Greg Sharp

Master of Sales Zen

Autotask Worldwide Advisory Board Member


Nathan Dunn

Developer Guru

Autotask API Expert


Richard Walker

Technical Zen Master

Autotask API Expert

Lifespark Nutrition

"Zen Contract has changed the way we do business"


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