ZenContract - Our Story.

For over 20 years, Greg Sharp (Founder of ZenContract) was an MSP owner, and it was within this work he noticed a lack of an all-in-one tool contract management tool that would suit his and his clients' needs. From creating, negotiating, storing and referencing contracts, there were always issues arising from lack of contract compliance and efficiency. Misplaced contracts, ruined physical copies and missed signatures are no longer acceptable ways of doing business. Greg, along with our passionate, talented team, imagined a tool that would save time and allow for contract compliance. And so... ZenContract was born.

Why are we passionate about ZenContract?

From creating, negotiating, storing and referencing contracts with any business, there seems to always be a problem at some point in the process. Contracts can get stuck in people's emails, hard copies can be ruined or lost, and areas of the contract can have missed signatures, these problems are reoccurring and costly. And so, we thought, what if you could design, build, manage and store your contracts using one tool and one process?

Future State/Zen State

We want MSPs to move from a state of contract mismanagement, lack of visibility, inefficiency in onboarding new clients, outdated contract templates and mistakes being repeated. And move them into a state of zen with contract compliance.

By using ZenContract, you enable steps towards our road map a reality, which looks like Zen HR, Zen Accounts, Zen Customers, Zen CRMs, Zen Projects, and Zen Multiyear Contracts.


Our values are at the core of what we do and how we operate as a team.


Total transparency

100% transparent, what you see is what you get. We succeed through transparency


Client focused

100% client focused, the platform is built for your business needs, not for ours


People driven

We have dedicated people, globally, supporting your people


MSP centered

We only deal with MSPs, we know MSPs, we understand MSPs

Our Founding Story.


Concept born


Version 0.1 in development


Hard launch of ZenContract


Advanced Autotask integ, multicurrency for world domination


Templates introduced


Integration of ConnectWise & Microsoft applications


$1M NZD investment funds raised to propel the product & new global dream team recruited


Kaseya integration