IT Policy-as-a-Service: the 10 policies every MSP should be rolling out to their clients now

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IT Policy as a Service: 10 Cyber & Tech Policies You Could Be Offering Your Clients



In today's digital landscape, the success of any business significantly hinges on its ability to navigate the complex realm of technology while safeguarding its assets and operations.


Leading IT providers now offer their clients technology & cyber ‘Policy as a service’ powered by ZenPolicy, which is typically sold as part of their managed service or virtual CIO service.


Not only do these policies reduce risk and improve efficiencies, the service sets you apart from your competitors and introduces a new monthly recurring revenue stream.


Depending on the scope of your service, here are ten IT policies that you could consider offering to your clients champion a proactive approach to security and efficiency.


  1. Cybersecurity Policies

This one is a category of its own, as cyber threats loom large in the digital world. A comprehensive cybersecurity policy approach is fundamental to safeguarding sensitive data, intellectual property, and customer information. A cyber security policy should include measures for:

 Pink Arrowdata encryption,
 Pink Arrow regular security updates,
 Pink Arrow employee training on recognizing phishing attempts (see point #5)
 Pink Arrow strong password protocols, and
 Pink Arrow incident response plans (see point #8).


  1. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

An AUP (also known as Fair Use Policy) delineates the acceptable behaviours and practices concerning the use of company-owned devices, networks, and systems. It outlines guidelines on appropriate internet usage, social media conduct, personal device usage, and the handling of confidential information. A well-defined AUP helps prevent misuse of resources and minimizes security vulnerabilities.


This not only protects your client’s assets, but can act as a ‘scope’ of sorts to protect against your support service being overused or taken advantage of.


  1. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

With stringent data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA, businesses must prioritize data privacy. This policy defines how sensitive data is collected, stored, processed, and shared, ensuring compliance with relevant laws. It includes clauses on data access controls, consent mechanisms, data retention periods, and procedures for handling data breaches.


  1. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policy

Unforeseen events such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or system failures can disrupt business operations. A robust disaster recovery and business continuity policy outlines procedures to mitigate such disruptions. This includes regular data backups, off-site storage, contingency plans for system failures, and protocols for restoring operations swiftly.


  1. Employee Training and Awareness Policy

Employees are often the weakest link in cybersecurity. A dedicated policy for ongoing training and awareness programs is essential. It educates employees about cybersecurity best practices, potential threats, and their role in maintaining a secure environment. Regular training sessions, simulated phishing drills, and awareness campaigns foster a security-conscious culture within the organization.


  1. Work From Home (WFH) IT Policy

Given the rise of remote work, a WFH policy is indispensable. It addresses remote access security, device management, confidentiality measures, and guidelines for using personal devices.


  1. Mobile Device Management Policy

As mobile devices become integral to business operations, managing their use and security is crucial. This policy covers device encryption, access controls, remote wiping capabilities, and application usage.


  1. Incident Response Policy

In the event of a security breach, a clear and prompt response is necessary. This policy outlines steps to identify, contain, eradicate, and recover from security incidents.


  1. Social Media Policy

With the prevalence of social platforms, guidelines for employees' professional conduct online are necessary. This policy sets rules for protecting confidential information and appropriate engagement on social media.


  1. Remote Access Policy

Enabling secure remote access to the company's network requires clear guidelines. This policy covers authentication measures, encryption standards, and monitoring protocols for remote access.


How to introduce IT Policy as a Service to your clients

Implementing these policies would normally be a daunting task for businesses, so there is a major opportunity to help as their trusted IT provider. By using ZenPolicy, the IT Policy as a Service platform, it is incredibly easy to roll out policies to users across any kind of business.


 Pink ArrowPolicy Builder & Templates

         ZenPolicy has an easy-to-use document building tool, which offers a suite of customisable “starter” policy templates, alleviating the burden of creating policies from scratch. They simply need to be adapted for your territory/client use case.

Or, if you have your own policies already, you can upload them to the platform.

 Pink ArrowBulk Distribution
        ZenPolicy integrates with your PSA (Autotask or ConnectWise) to populate the policies with your clients’ details & send it to their end users via integration with your Microsoft 365 platform in one step.

 Pink ArrowExecution
        Signing off on policies is a breeze for end users via ZenPolicy’s electronic signature tool, which then updates your client record and securely files the signed policy.

 Pink ArrowCompliance & Reporting
         ZenPolicy will detect if your client has inducted a new end-user, or someone who hasn’t yet signed a policy. It also provides reporting so you can demonstrate to your clients their policy adoption & compliance levels.

Make money, save money, cut risk.

Managing IT policies is a challenge for most businesses, so the idea of outsourcing it for a small monthly fee is appealing to many. Now is your chance to be part of this opportunity as one of ZenPolicy’s partner program.


ZenPolicy RRP’s for just $99 USD per month, resold by MSPs with a guaranteed 75% margin.


START FOR FREE: Take advantage of the introductory offer of one forever-free ZenPolicy tenant is available to MSPs now – get in touch here.





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