Here's why 2024 should be your year to overhaul the way you do client agreements.

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Ever had that niggling feeling that you need to overhaul the way you manage client agreements? Then consider this is your sign that it’s time.


Contracts are often a topic most try to minimise or brush under the rug, in fear it will strain their client relationships.


But, consider this perspective: getting it right can actually STRENGTHEN partnerships, and its far easier than you probably think.


Here's how.


For all Managed Service Providers (MSPs), fostering strong and enduring client relationships is paramount. A pivotal aspect of this relationship lies within the contracts that govern the services rendered. Agreements (laid out in contracts) serve as the blueprint defining expectations, responsibilities, and outcomes for both parties involved. However, traditional contract management can be tedious, prone to errors, and often lacks the transparency necessary for a seamless partnership.


This is where ZenContract steps in, offering a transformative approach to agreement management for MSPs. By leveraging ZenContract's suite of features and deep integration with their PSAs (like Autotask and ConnectWise), MSPs can actually foster more transparency, collaboration, and success with their clients.


Enhanced Collaboration:

ZenContract's collaborative tools act as a catalyst for improved communication and collaboration between MSPs and their clients. Through its user-friendly interface, both parties can easily collaborate on agreement terms, revisions, and updates in real-time. This fosters a sense of partnership, as clients feel more involved and empowered in the contractual process.


Transparency and Clarity:

The platform's intuitive design allows for the creation of crystal-clear agreements, eliminating ambiguity and misunderstandings. MSPs can articulate service levels, deliverables, and timelines with precision, ensuring that both sides have a clear understanding of their roles and obligations. This transparency cultivates trust and sets the foundation for a strong, enduring partnership.


Customization and Flexibility:

ZenContract empowers MSPs to tailor documentation to the unique needs of each client. Whether it's incorporating specific service offerings, pricing structures, or SLA parameters, the platform's flexibility allows for seamless customization. This level of adaptability shows attentiveness to client needs, reinforcing the notion that the MSP is invested in delivering personalized solutions.


Efficiency and Accuracy:

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and manual errors. ZenContract streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to execution. Its automation capabilities reduce administrative burden, ensuring contracts are error-free and executed promptly. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances professionalism, leaving clients impressed by the seamless process.


How it works:

Savvy MSPs worldwide use ZenContract to:

  1. Create their contracts using Contract Builder & template library
  2. Send to their clients using the Zen e-sign portal, which allows live commenting, negotiations and secure signatures.
  3. Auto set up client contracts in your PSA via the opportunity & contract integration features with Autotask & ConnectWise, saving admin time
  4. Renew and manage compliance of contracts across your entire portfolio in a single interface.


Want to learn more? BOOK A DEMO in December to explore ZenContract today, so that in 2024 you’re prepared to embark on your journey toward seamless, collaborative, and successful contracts that lay the foundation for enduring partnerships.


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