Why I HAD to start ZenContract

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Long before I founded ZenContract, I was an MSP owner and operator.

After creating thousands of proposals and client contracts over the years, trying all the tools out there (with mixed results - each typically did part of the process well, but nothing did IT ALL), I thought... there must be a better way.

I was sick of the time wastage, sick of how clunky it all was, sick of the inconsistencies from client to client. And I was ESPECIALLY sick of mistakes in our Master Service Agreements.


Once I'd exhausted all the offerings in the market, I was determined to write a solution.


We started with a BETA version – it needed a heap of work to be usable and scale – but it had great bones.


Through our internal use we:

- Moved from 70% to 100% of clients in contract

- Saw our sales team speed up productivity

- Doubled the valuation of our MSP (which saw a successful sale and exit - you can read about it here).


We then spent 3 years proving, refining and scaling the software.

Now that I'm no longer an MSP owner, my driver is now to help the channel and industry I love so much, through:

- Minimise as much risk as possible to MSP’s

- Allow maximum revenue realisation for the work being delivered

- Gain total CLARITY for both MSP’s and clients on what is being delivered and who is responsible for what

- Reduce time to get contracts delivered and executed

- Enable maximum Enterprise Value in each MSP for M&A activity

- Give visibility over MRR totals and renewal requirements

- and to just make running a successful MSP easier.

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