Customer Spotlight: Shift IT Solutions

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Transforming Challenges into Success with ZenContract 

Based in Ontario, Canada, Shift IT Solutions is an MSP that delivers a suite of managed IT, cybersecurity, and cloud services, primarily aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises. They provide an extensive array of services, including data backup and recovery, support for network and computer issues, and network security measures. CEO Andrew Carey emphasizes below the significant role that ZenContract has played in the company's achievements, underscoring its contribution to their operational success.

Before ZenContract:

When Shift IT Solutions was juggling handling evolving business demands, staying compliant with laws and regulations, managing risks, costs, relationships, evaluating performance, and renewing contracts, there were significant challenges faced by all of our team. These challenges often led to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

ZenContract Solution:

Shift IT Solutions integrated ZenContract into our business workflows to revolutionize how we handle contracts. By replacing contracts over a decade old and creating an expandable framework base,  ZenContract has provided us a platform and a process to test and review, deliver and store for our whole team. ZenContract as a tool is integral in our contract creation and management processes, significantly impacting our operations.

Impact on Shift IT Solutions:

The quality of our contract presentations has dramatically improved, saving our team's time and sanity, which in turn has positively affected our revenue and contract conversion rates. Compliance and renewals have become more streamlined, contributing to our business's overall success.

Would we recommend ZenContract?
Absolutely! In an industry that evolves rapidly, ZenContract's flexibility and the opportunity for discussion it provides are key to staying competitive.


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