Customer Spotlight: synergIT Incorporated

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Mastering Contract Management at synergIT

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, synergIT Incorporated specializes in providing tailored IT services and solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. Their extensive portfolio includes managed IT services, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, aimed at addressing a variety of technical and security needs. Below, the CEO, Steven Kustra of synergIT discusses the significant benefits ZenContract has brought to their operations, particularly in revolutionizing their approach to contract management

What stands out to you as the best features of ZenContract?

ZenContract is an incredibly solid contract management platform. Even though we are just in the initial stages of using it, we've already started seeing benefits. It's helping us standardize our contracts and manage their lifecycle effectively. The integration with ConnectWise Manage, which we frequently use, is a bonus we really appreciate.

Could you share how ZenContract is solving problems for you?

For years, we've dealt with multiple versions of standard agreements. ZenContract is addressing our long-standing challenge of managing multiple versions of standard agreements. By adopting its standard templates and ensuring all agreements are fully executed and on file, we're setting a new standard for contract management at synergIT.

What makes ZenContract a go-to product for your MSP:

ZenContract stands out for several reasons:

- Its ease of use and setup
- Competitive pricing
- Exceptional product support and training
- Innovation that drives a strong return on investment

These elements make ZenContract a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their contract management processes.


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